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“The key to investing wisely in a building is in understanding its condition and its possibilities through
building inspection
. ”
 – Brian Edwards

We take all appropriate safety measures regarding Covid19 during all building inspections.
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“Brian has consistently given me realistic assessments of the properties I have considered purchasing, making my decisions that much easier.”

Miroslaw Baszak, Real Estate Investor

When your clients are considering a property purchase, they have to be asking themselves: “What is this building really going to cost us?”


Building inspections save money

A practical, down-to-earth inspection of the property will protect your clients’ interests and save their money—lots of it.


Your property has hidden issues

Condition is a major factor in any property sale, but outward appearances never tell the whole story. There are many hidden issues and usability concerns that only a thorough, practical inspection by an experienced commercial building inspector will reveal.

Our thorough building audit produces happier clients who make smarter investment decisions.

Ensure that your clients receive an invaluable understanding of how the building they’re considering will or won’t fit their unique needs.


Plain speaking building condition reports

Clear understanding eliminates concern and hesitation. Our experience has given us the ability to put the reality of a building into plain terms that will help your clients reach the appropriate buying decision faster, and with greater peace of mind.

Our practical, non-technical Property Suitability Report will give your clients the reassurance they need to move forward with their business plans.


Your clients will absolutely know the potential costs of upgrading and retrofitting the building.

If their business is to succeed, it’s vital that your clients acquire buildings that clearly suit their individual requirements. Each building is unique, each past use has had its own specific effect on the building.

Upgrading or retrofitting the wrong building goes down the path to creating unhappy clients.


Better informed clients, armed with better commercial property information, go on to do more business.

Your clients will understand the ongoing maintenance costs of the building.

Your clients likely do understand the kind of maintenance costs they face for their building use. However, each building can have—and usually has—hidden maintenance needs. These can have a profound effect on your client’s ROI.

Ask about our Reports Executive Summary

It will give a clear indication of the current condition of the building, costs associated with these conditions as well as a projection of items considered a concern over the next 5-years. This is in addition to any change use planning requirements. Very important for landlords, owner users as well as lenders.


If you're in the Toronto, GTA region, give your clients a greater sense of control over their business ventures through certified commercial property inspections.

Westbrook can be found working on commercial, investment and residential properties in the Greater Toronto Area.

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